Charles (Andy) O’Brien

Of Counsel

Andy joins the firm with extensive experience as a Senior litigation attorney, a position he also held during his career in-house at BCBS LA. He has many years of general litigation practice focusing primarily in insurance defense. In addition to his litigation experience, Andy has also supervised other attorneys, both in-house and outside handling litigation. While at BCBS LA, he was a consultant and advisor around the country regarding legal issues of all genres.

In his spare time, Andy is active in his community serving on the board of various organizations, including the Fire and Police Civil Service, WRKF a public radio station, and the LSU International Hospitality Foundation. He has also served as an advisor and aid to the Baton Rouge Teen Court. And is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association Client Assistance Fund Committee.

BATON ROUGE FIRE AND POLICE CIVIL SERVICE BOARD – hearing disciplinary matters for Baton Rouge Police and Fire Departments

EAST BATON ROUGE PARISH SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL COMMITTEE – Co-Chair – design and implementation of parish-wide recycling program

WRKF public radio – Board Member and Board Chair

INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY FOUNDATION – Board Member – work with foreign students at LSU to acclimate them to Louisiana and assure their needs were met.

BATON ROUGE TEEN COURT – advise and aid teen members and defendants in administering cases involving “prosecution” of teen defendants.

LOUISIANA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION CLIENT ASSISTANCE FUND COMMITTEE MEMBER – protect the public and keep the integrity of the legal profession by investigating, evaluating and reimbursing, to the extent deemed appropriate, losses caused by the dishonest conduct of any licensed Louisiana attorney practicing within the State.

Louisiana State University Law School, JD

Louisiana State University, BA

All Louisiana Courts

All Federal courts sitting in Louisiana

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

U.S. Supreme Court