Our Vision

In the same way that tablet devices have changed how we read newspapers, and mobile telephones have changed the way we take pictures, the delivery of legal services has changed in ways that were previously unfathomable. Legal pads are artifacts, law books are obsolete, and large firm overhead is, well, expensive and no longer necessary.

Today’s law firm is paperless and trial lawyers present their cases to the judge or jury on tablet devices, with apps that cost a few hundred dollars … or less.

Jonathan M. Herman spent over 25 years in small firm and large firm environments. He now applies today’s technologies representing some of the country’s largest health insurance companies in disputes over managed care, in a nimble law firm that can try cases in courts across the country. Mr. Herman’s bi-weekly electronic publication, Managed Care Litigation Update®, is read by in-house counsel nationwide and serves as a ready resource for health plan lawyers who want to stay current on managed care litigation trends and be prepared to defend against similar claims.

The Herman Law Firm is a boutique firm, passionate about using cutting edge legal technologies in the practice of law and honored to be a part of our client’s respective legal teams. For more information about the firm, contact jherman@herman-lawfirm.com.